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Udaan School:

Udaan aims to be a space for igniting curiosity and love of learning in children. We seek to provide an environment for an overall development of child’s personality. We have started a progressive pre-school for our local village children. Our school is designed as an experiential learning space, where teachers work as facilitators. We believe in enabling & supporting a child in her learning journey, rather than trying to teach her.

Udaan has been set up to provide children around Kandbari with a resourceful space and supportive adult interactions which

  • brings out the natural creativity
  • nurtures the curiosity and thirst for exploration and learning
  • develops critical, creative and constructive thinking
  • connects the learning back to community and life

We believe that this world can be re-imagined to be a safe, cooperative space where individuals and communities live together peaceably and supporting each others’ dream for personal fulfillment and community’s well being. Such an imagination requires that spaces and relationships uphold these values and children are given the opportunity to see this in action and through this experience, they imbibe the motivation to live their lives maintaining and strengthening these values.

We also believe that children could be respectful and responsible, without punishment or coercion. They can be self-respecting, confident and sensitive to the needs of other humans, animals, plants and rest of the ecology. When children are allowed to grow in an environment free of fear, threats and mistrust, they are at peace within, which in turn percolates and reflect in all their actions and relationships.  Schools and other teaching-learning spaces can enhance this by providing facilitators, time, space, materials and platforms for children to construct and implement their learning plans and to then express and share their learning.

Children’s Learning Center:

Besides our day school, we also run a Children’s Learning Center which is focused on providing a friendly & fun learning space for the village children. Our Learning center has a large library, science & math lab, puzzles & indoor games room, activity room & a playground. All these facilities are used by children on a daily basis after their school hours & all day during weekends & other school holidays. We often conduct workshops & programs in the areas of life skills, skits & theater, science models, dance & music, mathematics, sketching & painting, etc at Udaan, and occasionally at other village schools as well. We also organize field trips for the children.