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Sambhaavnaa Institute, nestled in a small village called Kandwari, in the lap of the mighty Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh, is an alternative learning and living space for those concerned with social and political change. Founded under aegis of the Kumud Bhushan Education Society in 2004 Sambhaavnaa’s main mission has been to nurture value-based leadership by encouraging individuals, especially the youth; to discuss and develop a critical perspective on the ideals and ideas that define a just society.

Since 2011-12, Sambhaavnaa has emerged as a platform for a wide variety of individuals and organisations to engage and reflect on processes of transformation challenging the injustice that prevails in the society today.

 Social Injustice
Our society and its institutions are plagued by social injustice manifested or evident in the discrimination based on caste, class, gender, race, religion and region. That there is a dominant majority in each community and institution that perpetuates this injustice through a variety of tools the main being socialisation and conditioning through social institutions.
bubb4 Economic Injustice
Our economy which is based on a model of “primitive accumulation of capital’, is structured to serve the interests of the dominant class, the elite and the new middle class. That this process has marginalised and deprived a large majority access and control over resources. This has led to increasing poverty and inequality as well as inequitable distribution of wealth which translates as economic injustice.
bubb2 Political Injustice
The current political and governance system which has been based on the principles of democracy is corrupted and captured by the elite class at the cost of the large majority. That the emerging systems are thus centralising rather than decentralising political power and democracy has been compromised as a result of this. That social and economic inequalities perpetuate political injustice and vice versa.
bubb1 Environmental Injustice
The unprecedented destruction and degradation of the our environment is affecting the very survival of millions of people. While understanding the ecological crisis of our times the concept of environmental injustice recognises the fact that some communities especially the working class and indigenous groups are disproportionately subjected to higher levels of environmental risk than other segments of society.

We believe that there exists an overlap in the hegemonisation and exploitation process across the social, political and economic structures as well as between human beings and the natural world with the emergence of a powerful and dominant class serving its own interest rather than that of the polity, society and ecology.

We believe:

  • That that there is a need to question and challenge the inequities in social, economic and political structures and their dominance by vested interests.

  • That there is a need to radically change the structure and functioning of the society, polity and the economy to serve public interest with the principles of equality, justice and freedom.

Our vision and mission is to provide a platform for:

-Strengthening of resistance, political action and participation
-Supporting and working on creation of radical alternatives (across the socio-economic-political models/institutions)
-Bringing about personal transformation

Sambhaavnaa Institute with the above vision has created a learning and sharing space where programs and workshops are organised to:

– Facilitate reflection, collaboration, exchange and innovation in strategies and action amongst those engaged in transformative work
– Facilitate the building of a politically conscious citizenry especially youth
– Facilitate the process of personal transformation