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Sambhaavnaa Institute is open to hosting programs of two kinds:

Co-hosting Programs: Collaborative Programs with like minded organisations. In such programs the resources and responsibilities are shared between Sambhaavnaa and the colaborating organisation.

Hosting Programs at Sambhaavnaa: Likeminded organisations can organise their own issue based workshops, organisational meetings or retreats at the Institute campus.  Sambhaavnaa Institute will charge the costs for Lodging and Boarding facilities as well as other campus facilities for such programs.

We follow the below process for the above:

  1. Concept Note and budget: A brief concept note (mostly about a page or two) that explains the purpose of the program, the participants profile and the methodology is outlined by the organisation/individual proposing the idea.
  2. Governing Body Approval: The concept note and budget are discussed and ironed out with the collaborating individual/organisation and sent to the Governing body for approval. The governing body will scan it – in case there is a mismatch with organisation principles, vision or the budget has some issues (has to match the not for profit principle).
  3. Release of Program Advert: The Governing Body takes 3-4 days to respond and if there are no objections then we can finalize the invite/call for applications and release the flyer.

Post approval process:

  1. Outreach: Done by Sambhaavnaa (offline, Social Media, emailers  and the collaborating organisation.
  2. Selection of Participants and registrations: Handled by Sambhaavnaa or/and collaborating individual/organisation.

For details of the charges contact  programs@sambhaavnaa.org