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Praveen Singh
Buniyaad and Nayi Dishayein
  • Buniyaad and Nayi Dishayein

Praveen studied at IIT, Delhi and IIM, Ahmedabad. He worked in the corporate sector for over 8 years, primarily in Management Consulting, in India and the United States.

However, ever since his late college years, he has been plagued with questions regarding the meaning of life, and one’s role towards creating a more humane, just and sustainable world. Consequently, over the last fifteen odd years he has been involved full time with social experiments around the possibilities of personal and social change through non-formal education, and through community based initiatives.  Praveen feels that society today has two fundamental fault lines. One is at the level of our worldview: i.e., our beliefs regarding what is happiness/success, who is a worthy human being, what kind of life/society is a good society, what ought to be our relationship with fellow humans, and with rest of nature. The second fault line is our capitalist economic system. Further, these two fault lines feed into each other, forming an extremely vicious cycle.  He believes that any attempt to better society that does not simultaneously address both of these will woefully fall short. He researches, ponders, and shares his thoughts regarding the same at various forums…