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Sambhaavnaa Institute is looking for a Programs Convener

About the role.
Sambhaavnaa is looking for a full time Programs Convener, who will have to be based here at the Institute. This role involves conceptualizing, designing and planning the programs at Sambhaavnaa. A broad understanding of the structural linkages on a range of issues is essential for anyone in this role.  The role could involve direct facilitation of workshops and participating in evolving pedagogy, especially for the flagship workshops of Sambhaavnaa.  The role would involve working together with the partners from conceptualizing to organizing the collaborative workshops. There is a programs team at the Institute that would support the convener in various ways to fulfill his/her responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Programs Convener

  • Networking and brainstorming for ideas for future programs
  • Specific Program related planning: meetings with programs team, faculty, program leads
  • Participate in outreach work for programs: help team generate resource material for outreach and spreading the word about Sambhaavnaa and its programs
  • Contribute towards iteratively improving our flagship programs
  • Program Facilitation (as per ability and interest)
  • Active engagement with program participants
  • Review the Programs and feed into planning process

The role requires someone who

  • has an understanding of contemporary socio-economic & political issues
  • has at-least 5 & up to 10 years of experience in social activism or/and political education
  • can work with a team of diverse people involved in various roles at the institute, and specifically with the Programs team at Sambhaavnaa
  • has excellent communication,  networking & writing skills
  • has a deep interest in organisation building
  • can live in a community in a shared space & bring energy & positivity to the work environment

Remuneration: 15000 per month + food and accommodation on campus

To apply please send your resume with a statement of purpose to info@sambhaavnaa.org