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Sambhaavnaa Institute in Palampur has been working, since 2011-12, to provide a platform for political education amongst those concerned with social change especially the youth and young activists.

The focus of the team here has been on creating an alternative space for reflection and collective critical thinking through a variety of workshops. In the last 6 years, especially since 2014, we have seen the Institute grow, in terms of the quality and nature of workshops and political education programs. But there is much much more to be done – outreach wise as well as the process and content of our workshops, the pedagogy. We are keen to start when we are ready for a long term residential program for young activists as well. But all this requires a dedicated team of people working with a common vision (http://www.sambhaavnaa.org/about-us/) as well as a passion for political education.

Sambhaavnaa is looking for people to lead its programs. The roles and functions (see below) would be around programs convening and the individual is expected to be based here (atleast 8 to 10 months a year). This involves conceptualizing, designing and planning the programs at Sambhaavnaa. It also involves some bit of direct facilitation of workshops and evolving pedagogy, especially for the flagship workshops of Sambhaavnaa. The programs are residential and geared towards building a political consciousness.  A broad understanding of the structural linkages of a range of issues and the role of people’s movements/transformative work will be helpful for anyone in this role.

We are looking for:-

Programs convener for Planning, Conceptualising, designing and scheduling programs; Organisation and Vision Building

  • a significant exposure in the field of social activism or political education (10 to 15 years)
  • ability and maturity to carry along a team of diverse people (at Sambhaavnaa and outside/associates).
  • Networking, open communication skills
  • Would like to live in a community space

Honorarium would be based on experience and in consonance with the organisation’s standards. The Sambhaavnaa campus is situated in a village called Kandwari near Palampur, Himachal, flanked by the Dhauladhar mountain range. The campus which was set up by the Kumud Bhushan Educational Society has a children’s learning centre and an experimental school called Udaan for the local children. It also has a running mess and a spartan residence where members/associates could be accommodated.  Those who are keen could get in touch with us over email at programs@sambhaavnaa.org (Mohammad/Shashank).