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May- Junes were always the same. After truck load of exams, I would be back in Kerala, enjoying the much awaited monsoon. Usually rain makes me sad, for reasons I haven’t yet figured out. I still wait for it to get a glance of the plants that grow on its own, the strange flowers you get to see only around this time and creatures popping out of nowhere. A little bit of Shelley’s poem. Home is like a new place then. The space changes its texture, color, noise. People behave differently. And it’s the best time to read, sipping kattan Chaya (black tea). I wait to experience the change in aura rains bring about.

It was different this time, yet not so different. Working with Sambhaavnaa and Nayi Shuruvat was full of learning and unlearning, rethinking. Rejuvenation.

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Participant Nayi Dishayein 2016