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“When I signed up for the week-long Nayi Dishayein program at Sambhaavanaa, I had no idea what to expect. The description of the workshop sounded really interesting from the website, and I was looking forward to the experience.

However, what Sambhaavana gave to us far exceeded anything we could have imagined. The experience of living in a self-sustained, beautiful community touched by the warmth and affection of everyone who inhabited it was something that was completely new to me. I will never forget my first little walk up to the stone ‘amphitheatre’ at night, and looking up to see a bright, bright sky lit up by hundreds of stars, or running down to the khud, being as excited as I have never been in my whole life, and exploring the area, making friends with so many new people (it was difficult at first for a shy person like me, but at Sambhaavana, it is so easy to open up).

I can easily say that that one week was one of the most intense weeks of my life, and I learnt so much from it. I remember it often, and I wish to go back and participate in more programmes if I can.”