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Sambhaavnaa experience has had a profound impact on the way I see my milieu and nation now. As a production engineering student I was getting trained to identify the problems of the industries and work towards eliminating them. But I was equally interested in understanding the problems confronting our society and nation as a whole. Some of us spot illiteracy as problem while others think poverty, poor health, lack of nutritious food, water, electricity, large population, job shortage, environmental degradation as major issues plaguing our nation. It is said that “when a student is ready he is bound to find a teacher or facilitator”. When I came to know about Sambhaavnaa Institute’s First Summer Programme I knew I found my Guru. Sambhaavnaa exerience holds a special place in my life and there are many reasons for it. First the selection process- the application form contained a section on the ‘motivation’ to apply for the summer program and it really formed a bedrock to begin articulating my thoughts & putting them into words and insallah! will lead to action (have already taken some baby steps). Thankfully the program was not a series of classroom sessons but contained a mix of a week long ‘experience sharing’ by eminent personalities who have devoted their entire life to a cause followed by a month long ‘field or grassroot experience’ and a reunion of another one week to share field experience.