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Sambhaavnaa. It’s an institute that thrives to provide learning and sharing space where different minds can come together to deliver what they have learnt and to learn more while delivering, living in new and exciting environment. What I found at Sambhaavnaa was a similar experience.
We began our three-day program at the institute with an interactive, thought provoking session on what development meant to all of us. The questions, in particular, were framed in such a way that required us to go beyond what was obvious to a more practical thought process. And because we were divided in three separate groups, we also had to channel our opinion through the opinions of others in the group. What is development? What are the origins of this notion? What are its impacts? etc, these questions not only made us to think about things that often go unnoticed, but also to question why we think the way we think. For instance, why the idea of development measured is based on the western standards, and what kind of development should we be aiming for, is it just economic growth or simply citizen satisfaction.