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06 June, 2018
10:00 AM
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Join us:

Aao Gaon Ko Jaane

At Udaan Learning center in collaboration with Sahaj Foundation

A program for 12 to 15 years’ old. 6th June to 13th June, 2018

About Udaan Learning Center:
Udaan Learning Center is an open space to ignite curiosity amongst creative minds; our common activities are sports, crafts, origami, science models and recycling. We have a wonderful library with earthy ambiance for local children and our campers. All these facilities are used by children on a daily basis after their school hours & all day during weekends & other school holidays.
At Udaan Learning center we try to reach out to children with the purpose of creating awareness about conserving nature, learning concerned with spreading love amongst people of different religion caste and community, an understanding of achieving peace rather than materialistic success. Environmental education, contributions to physical health and well-being, and development of personal and social skills is our practice.

About The Workshop:
To create an understanding of rural eco-systems among kids coming from urban environment and to help them experience the values that rural populace naturally lives with through facilitating a dialogue on Self Reliance and the need for it. .

During the workshop, the kids shall get a chance to spend time with kids/grown-ups of the villages, walk in the midst of nature and understand the basic knowledge systems related to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forests, Governance etc through real time projects. In addition to local village visits, simulations (more like group activities in given hypothetical situations), projects, interactive sessions, collaborative games and documentaries, kids shall get a chance to become a part of following activities:
1. Hands on pottery
2. Recycling
3. Work on organic farm
4. Sports
5. Learning exchange etc
The entire workshop experience shall not only improve the understanding of kids about rural landscape but shall also inculcate values and nurture their life-skills and leadership traits as they would be facilitated to work in groups to deliver real time projects. On the concluding day of the workshop, kids would be required to present their learnings and experiences to the entire group and other visitors.

Who is this workshop for: This camp is open to all children from 12 to 15 years old who are interested in understanding  self reliance in context with rural populace.

Workshop Facilitators:
Ashish Kumar: Ashish is a cofounder of Sahaj Foundation, which is dedicated to facilitate rural immersion programs. For more info on Sahaj Foundation please check the following link. http://www.sahajfoundation.in/team.html
Fatema – coordinator at Udaan Learning Center

Contribution towards Organizing Costs: We hope that participants would contribute an amount of Rs. 6500 for 8 days/- towards workshop expenses, inclusive of all onsite workshop costs: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop.

Venue: Udaan Learning Center and Sambhaavnaa Institute, Kandbari, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. The campus has a dining area, kitchen and a fully furnished dormitory with attached bath.

Contact: For more information please call Fatema : 86 79 47 59 25 OR email: fatema@sambhaavnaa.org  or Ashish on 88948 93083