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24 February, 2018
10:00 AM
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Join us:

Free learners Eco camp

A program for 12 to 15 years’ old

24th Feb to 10th March, 2018


As the sayings go:

“Education is not the preparation of life, education is life itself…”

“A child is born with intelligence for surviving in his habitat; we need to prepare a peaceful environment, in which they can learn.”

 About Udaan Learning Center:

Udaan Learning Center is an open space to ignite curiosity amongst creative minds; our common activities are sports, crafts, origami and science models and recycling. We have a wonderful library for local children and our campers.  All these facilities are used by children on a daily basis after their school hours & all day during weekends & other school holidays.

At Udaan Learning center we try to reach out to children with the purpose of creating awareness about conserving nature, learning concerned with spreading love amongst people of different religion caste and community, an understanding of achieving peace rather than materialistic success. Environmental education, contributions to physical health and well-being, and development of personal and social skills is our practice.

About The Camp​:

15 days of fun learning for kids to experience sustainable living and understanding the need to preserve our environment, along with the exploration of different kinds of learning around our vicinity.   This camp will provide the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation necessary to become environmentally-responsible citizens – all while having fun  not only do these opportunities build critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills, they help young people form a bond with the natural world, encouraging them to be better custodians of the landscape.

  • Self designed projects taken up by groups
  • Learning exchanges
  • Understanding Himachali tradition and cultures, especially Gaddi culture by understanding the sheep rearing practice, process of cleaning wool, spinning it by charkha, followed by using Khaddi (Handloom) to make the cloth
  • at times children can choose to work on particular activities like, pottery, wood work, origami, recycling, depending upon their interest etc
  • Work on our organic farms
  • Some fun science sessions and science models
  • Astronomy
  • Trek to local peak with possibility of snow covered meadows.
  • Visit to the Norbulinga monastery to understand Tibetan culture, probably visiting Kangra fort,  art gallery in Palampur etc.
  • Sports like ultimate frisbee, football, volley ball.
  • Visit to the hydro project and understand turbines and if possible make a model of turbine at Udaan , basically exploring how electricity generated, while doing this we will also talk about different sources of energy.
  • exploring sustainable energies by using mud solar cooker and wood fired oven.
  • Discussions on hazards of deforestation, chemical based farming, global warming, communalism etc with the help of thought provoking discussions, games, photographs and videos of environmental destruction around will also be included.

Above are the possibilities within those 15 days, basically living together and exploring different interests, group discussions , film screenings, tree plantation drive and many more.

Who is this workshop for:  This camp is open to all children from 12 to 15 years old who are interested in learning anything under the sun and beyond.

Workshop Facilitators:  Apart from the below facilitators, few other volunteers will also join.

Anish Mokashi:  an experimental physicist by training. His interests lie in understanding factors that enhance meaning-making and agency in students, especially in learning science. I am engaged in finding ways to bridge the divide between the practice of science (research) and the way it is taught (pedagogy). This reconciliation is to be mediated by findings of research in cognitive science and education. Democratic cultures of teaching-learning are also essential for authentic understanding, meaning-making and for a critical scientific literacy.

Jennifer Hoover (Fulbright Scholar)

Fatema (Udaan Learning Center coordinator)

Contribution towards Organizing Costs: We hope that participants would contribute an amount of Rs. 7500 for 15 days/-  towards workshop expenses, inclusive of all onsite workshop costs: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop.

Venue:  Sambhaavnaa Institute, Kandbari, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.  The campus has a dining area,  kitchen and a fully furnished dormitory with attached bath.

Contact: For more information please call 86 79 47 59 25 OR 821 932 9565

To apply: please email: fatema@sambhaavnaa.org