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27 September, 2016
10:00 AM
Sambhaanaa institute, Join us

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On the first day of the Wide Angle Workshop the participants viewed and discussed a bunch of selected images made by not just the facilitator Amrithraj Stephen but also by fellow participants. The long debates, questioning and cross-questioning while a few participants’ work was reviewed became a means of learning and understanding photography beyond the technicalities of the camera. An important question this exercise raised was ‘What is the statement you are making’. An image, ultimately, represents a variety of political perspectives, stereotypes as well as ideologies, which we need to be aware of while making it. Additionally, the photographer must keep in mind the audience. Different perspectives to the images on display were revealed owing to the varied background of the participants – from development professionals, journalists, freelance photographers, mass communication students to researchers. Ashok, one of the participants who works in an NGO, made an astute observation while displaying his work – We think we know what they (subjects) think and feel, but that is not true. It is important to talk to them and ask them.

Stephen’s session in the afternoon covered a wide array of questions right from the ethics and personal struggles to the practicalities of photography. During the session he spoke about his journey while photographing anti-nuclear protests in Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu as he showed his images made in the five years since he began engaging with the subject, and the people participating in the movement. Stephen was asked right in the beginning of his career as a documentary photographer ‘Why do you want to photograph this issue?’ and ‘How are you connected with this story?’, which made him reassess the subjects he was covering.

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Report compiled by Shatakshi Gawade-Participant in the program.

Call for applications posted before the program

The Wide Angle: Documenting for Justice

Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

September 27th to October 1st , 2016


A 5 day workshop on using still and moving images to make an impact

Sambhaavnaa Institute is organising a five day photography and multimedia workshop from September 27th to October 1st , for the photographers, acitivist-researchers who are working on social issues in India. The objective of the workshop is to help participants explore and effectively use the possibilities of new age visual media in documenting and reporting of social issues around the country for general public, policy makers, opinion makers, politicians and bureaucrats and the communities striving for justice. The focus will be both on perspective and techniques/strategies.

The participants will go through various lectures, collective dialogues and brainstorming sessions with mentors and fellow participants. Video documentaries on photographers and a photographic approach will be part of the workshop.

Another key outcome of the workshop would be improved visual literacy and photo editing skills for the participants and guidance to publish their work more in mainstream and alternate media.

 About the Resource Persons and Facilitators

Sumit Dayal graduated in Documentary & Photo Journalism at the ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. Since then he has worked as a freelance photographer, covering Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. His work documents the plight of societies, disappearing cultural traditions and changing landscapes of South Asia.

Ruhani Kaur has been a photo-documenter since 2002. Her body of work on India’s Invisible Women- repercussions of sex selection was used as campaign material by policy influencers. From daily news coverage for Indian Express she shifted to the narrative photo stories for Open Magazine. As the Photo-editor of a News weekly magazine she dabbled with the politics of an image as represented in media.

Amirtharaj Stephen is an Tamil photographer based in Bangalore, India. He is currently documenting the anti-nuclear protests around his native village in Tamil Nadu.